I'm here to be more than just your photographer

I’m here to make your day stress free

I’m here to help you feel comfortable

I’m here to tell your story

things I love

did we just become best friends? yeap

The Office
Game of Thrones – disclaimer, hated season 8. Bran is NOT my King
Camping – I’ve camped in California, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, Maine, North Carolina, New York, and Virginia
Listening to true crime podcasts – sword and scale, last podcast on the left, casefile
Getting kisses from dogs
Memes – gooby pls
Harry Potter – Half-Blood Prince is my favorite
Quoting vines – Look at all those chickens
Ice cream – mint chocolate chip all the way
Singing Hamilton – YES I’VE SEEN IT
Jamming out to Taylor Swift
Parks and Recreation
LOTR extended version
Quoting Spongebob
Comfy beds
Sending ugly selfies – It’s seriously a special talent
Watching bad movies – The Room is my all-time fav
Staying up late for snow
30 Rock – Tina Fey is B A E
Star Wars – Attack of the clones is by far the worst one

My work is pretty cool, too

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